Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hello Brazil!!!
I'm teacher Claudia. I live in La Plata, a big city near Buenos Aires. I teach English in three schools. I'm very happy to make new friends through the Internet and practise my English. I don't know Erika in person, but I like her a lot. She has many brilliant ideas. One of them is this project.
My students are eager to know you. They are going to post their own introductions in a few days.
I love Brazilian beaches, music, lively people, warm weather and brigadeiros.
Hope to know more about you,

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hello friends from Argentina!

I am teacher Erika from Brazil. I met your teacher Claudia online and I am very happy about our project!

Well, let me introduce my students!
(from left to right)
The girls: Nathália , Amanda, Gabriela, Maria Carolina and Isabella.
The boys right behind the girls: Alvaro, Caio, Victor, Thiago and Carlos.
The boys standing on the desks: José, Pedro, Igor, Gustavo and Lorenzo.

Yesterday, we started personalizing our scrapbook. I decorated the first two pages: one with an introductory message and another with photos of my family and friends. Then, we had a raffle to decide who was going to the the scrapbook home and the winner was Pedro. So tomorrow, he will bring the scrapbook to class and another students will take it home.

We are all delighted with the project and we are really anxious to meet you and learn more about your culture, lifestyle and interests.