Thursday, June 01, 2006

Guaraná Antarctica is a popular guaraná-flavored soft drink in Brazil. It is made of the Guaraná fruit from Northern Brazil. The Guaraná soda was created in 1921 by Companhia Antarctica Paulista, now part of Ambev.

Guaraná is the official sponsor of the Brazilian national football team.

Talking about football, are you ready for the World Cup? I bet you are all very anxious and everyone is talking about it at school and in the streets.

Well, there is a TV commercial showing on Brazilian channels that is a great example of Brazil and Argentina's football rivalry. You really have to watch it!

Click here to watch the TV Commercial

I pretty much understand this football rivalry. After being in touch with you for the past two months, I found out that we are very similar. We have much more in common than I've ever thought about. We all love partying, festivals, music, dancing and, SOCCER! Plus, we both have the best players! Saviola, Crespo, Sorin, Tevez, WOW! Brazilians will have a hard time!

Please, don't be mad about the TV commercial! I bet Maradona won millions to act in this commercial!

Erika Cruvinel


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