Friday, May 19, 2006

Hello friends from Argentina!

How are you all doing?

Yesterday I took my camera to the classroom to take a photo of our new friends Beatriz and Fabiana who joined the group later. If you scroll down, you will see their photos. Then, Gabriela wanted to take another photo because she didn't like the one I posted in our blog.

Isabela, Gabriela, Nathália, Fabiana and Beatriz couldn't resist my camera and asked me to take a photo of them together. Aren't they all cute? I love them! They always give me a hard time, but it's fun to be with them.

The boys Igor, Victor and Pedro wanted to show that they are "bad boys", but I guess it didn't work very welll.

Our Brazilian class has been really busy in the past weeks. They had oral test, quizzes, a paragraph to write and a book to read, The Man in The Iron Mask. Do you know this story? There is a movie with Leonardo Di Caprio that tells this story. Maybe you have already seen it. This Monday they have their second very important written test, and they have been studying hard. At least, I hope they are studying hard because they didn't get very good grades last time...


Blogger Claudia Bellusci said...

Dear Erika and class,
I should have posted this comment some time ago, when I read your entry and saw the new photos (I loved the "bad guys" and the cute girls). But you know how things are. We teacher have always urgent matters to attend during grading periods and well, some days have gone by before I found the time to write to you.
First I'd like to tell you that I'm very happy today because this morning my students and I worked on our pages and the album is finally taking shape. I enjoyed watching my students work, trying to be neat (they are usually not) and asking how to say things.
I had seen Maradona's commercial here. You know it's strange to see him wearing the Brazilian colours but I'm sure he got quite a few millions to do that! More than Erika and me could get in our lifetimes for sure!
And you know what? There's a Coca Cola commercial on TV here, which was partially shot in our football stadium. Yes, the one where we took our photos. So I'm going to put a link for you to see it. They were two whole days here shooting it. But you'll see that the stadium appears just two seconds on screen.
Well, I'll see if I can do it right now.
As for the World Cup, do you think Argentina and Brazil will play the final? I hope so. It would be very exciting, wouldn't it?

7:53 PM  

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