Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hello, my name is Fabiana. I was born on March 12th. I am twelve years old. I live in Brasília. I don't have any pets. I like to watch TV in my free time. My favorite band is RBD. I've never been to Argentina.


Blogger Claudia Bellusci said...

Hello Fabiana,
I'm glad to have more students coming into the Scrapbooking Project! I'd like to know if RBD is the band that played in the TV program Rebelde Way. That was originally an Argentinian program that later on was sold to other countries, where it was either translated or performed by local actors. My kids were very fond of it.
When you post your photo I'll add it to the banner. Do it soon!
Bye for now,

6:33 PM  

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