Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hello! My name's Andrea. I'm fourteen years old.I'm from La Plata in Argentina. My msn id is My school is E.S.B N° 2. I like listening to music. My favourite singer is Robbie Williams. I like chocolate, sweets and computers. I don't like cats and Estudiantes de La Plata.I love GIMNASIA ESGRIMA DE LA PLATA.


Blogger Erika Cruvinel said...

Hi Andrea
You are holding a flag! What flag is this? Is it the flag of your city, of your school? What is Gimnasia Esgrima de La Plata? Is it a place to practice this sport?
I am a curious person; that's why I ask so many questions!

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Pedro said...

Hi Andrea
My friend Victor loves Esgrima too. My favorite singer is Avril Lavigne and Pitty. Do you have a favorite band? My favorite band is the Beatles. My msn is

4:38 PM  
Anonymous Gabriela said...

Hi! I liked so much to meet you! I'm twelve years old and I love Rebelde. Do you like it?It's my favorite soap opera. And my favorite band is RBD. What's your favorite band?
Thanks for your text!

4:25 AM  
Anonymous Andrea said...

Hi Erika!
This flag is Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata's, my favourite football team. Gimnasia is one of the two important football teams in the city.
I like your blonde hair. Do you like football?

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Andrea said...

Hi Gabriela!
I like Rebelde Way too. It's my favourite soap opera but it's not on any more here.
Have you got an MSN account?

6:52 PM  
Anonymous Andrea said...

Hi Pedro!
My favourite band is Intoxicados and I like Rebelde Way. My teacher also likes The Beatles.

6:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You is a beautiful girl

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Thyago e Igor said...

how old are you?

1:29 PM  

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