Friday, August 11, 2006

Hello my dear friends from La Plata

Last Monday my students opened the parcel that you sent us! They had not opened it before because they were on vacation and just came back this week! As you can see from the pictures, they were really wild and excited about it! And it was a big mess!

All of them wanted to touch it! We really liked the pamphlets and the map. La Plata's tourist attractions seems really interesting!

Of course I loved the dream catcher! Thanks Andrea! It's lovely and I've already hung it on my front door. My dog keeps looking at it! I guess he really wants it to fall on the ground so he can eat it! He wouldn't dare!

I took the scrapbook home with me the first night to read everything and now it is with the students. Each student is taking it home one day to read it more carefully!

Oh! And we loved the recording! My students listened to it and tried to follow the lyrics you sent! You are so adorable!

Wishing you a wonderful semester at school!

Love you all!