Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Claudia answers
I can see Brazilian kids are very curious and I like that. So I'm going to try to answer all your questions.

Alvaro said...
When did you start working as teacher? Did you have any other jobs before?
I started teaching English when I was about your age. I used to help my schoolfriends who were not very good at English. Later, when I was a student at university I started teaching primary school students. I loved making pictures for them. That was my first real job. I was only 19.

igor and caio said...
Hi, kids! How are you? You must be the shy ones in the group, aren't you?

Isabela e Nathália said...
Hello!How many students are there in your class, teacher Claudia?
There are 18 students in the class. They are in 9th year.

Gabriela e Maria Carolina said...
Hi!!!!!!!Do you like being a teacher?;)
YESSSSSS!!!! I love my job and I try to be a better teacher every day. I think teaching can change the world. What do you think?

caio and igor said...
Hi!When is your birthday?What is your favorite band?
Ah! Here are the shy ones again! My birthday is in... oh, I can't remember! ;-D Just kidding! It's on November 29th. Will you send me a box of brigadeiros for the party? My favourite band? Well I like The Beatles, Bee Gees, Queen (they are old bands because I'm a bit old myself, but perhaps your parents like them too)

Isabela said...
Hi!Do you have a son or a daughter, teacher?
Hello, Isabella! Yes, I have 4 kids: two sons (Patricio, 22 and Agustín, 15) and two daughters (María José, 24 and Candela, 13). You can see the two "little" ones with me in the picture. We are in Uruguay last winter holiday.

Patricio is a cook and Maria José is studying at university. She wants to be a dentist (Do you like going to the dentist?). Agustín and Candela are at middle school.

Gustavo and Carlinhus said...
Helo!!!!What´s yours favorite food?
Hi, boys! Gustavo, you are called like my brother and my father is called Carlos. Isn't this a coincidence? I love sweet things, especially ice cream and chocolate. Garotos are my favourite! But I also like fruit and vegetables. So after eating too much chocolate I go on a diet!

Gabriela e Maria Carolina said...
Do you like soccer?
You know that here, the same as in Brazil, soccer is a national sport. All my kids love football and it's part of our lives. I'm not very keen on watching football on TV, but when the World Cup starts I'll watch all the games Argentina plays.

José said...
What're the names of the english schools were you work at?
The school that's going to take part in this project with you is called Escuela Secundaria Básica Nº2, but it hasn't got a name yet because it was created last year, after the school system was changed. I also work at Escuela de Enseñanza Media Nº11 and 27. These two schools are Polimodales. That means high school.

Isabela e Nathália said...
Do you play any sports?
Mmmmm.... no. I'm not very good at sports, really. But in the summer I sometimes go swimming. Now I'm planning to start cycling at least once a week. I love cycling but you have to be very careful with traffic in the city.

Victor e Lorenzo said...
HELOOOWW!!!How is La Plata? Can you describe your city?
La Plata is quite a big city. There's the university so there are many young people around. There are discos, sports clubs, cinemas, theatres, lots of nice shops and restaurants, parks and some beautiful buildings. but if you want to learn more about my city, why don't you have a look at my blog? My first post there was about La Plata. I think you'll like it. And I promise to prepare something very special for you in a few days.

Gustavo an carlinhu inhu said...
Hi!!!!!What is your favorite soccer team??

There are two important football teams in La Plata, which are rivals: Gimnasia y Esgrima and Estudiantes. I'm a fan of Estudiantes. All my family are. Did you know Estudiantes was World Champion many years ago? I was a little girl then but I remember all the people in the streets celebrating and red and white flags (those are our colours) everywhere.

Pedro said...
Have you visited Brazil before?

Yes. I was in Rio and Buzios in 2001. It was a wonderful trip and I took some nice photos. Can you tell where this one was taken? I guess you can! I loved the warm and clear sea in Buzios. I couldn't get out of the water! The sea here is freezing cold. I only get into the water when the temperature is very very hot.

OK, my dear friends, it's been a pleasure to answer all your questions. Now I'd better go to bed. I start work at school at 7.30 a.m. tomorrow and it's already 2 a.m. Can I blame you for being late for work?

Hugging you all,



Blogger Isabel Teixeira said...

So you have already been to Brazil, Claudia? You chose a great place!

8:10 PM  
Blogger Claudia Bellusci said...

I bet I did, Isabel! Will visit again soon, I hope!

8:58 PM  

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